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"Why Humanise" explained in 2 minutes
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Humanise in action...

Strong Relationships, Meaningful Contribution and a Valued Business is what we strive to achieve each day.

We believe that it is possible.

We all have daily challenges in small business and in some strange way we actually enjoy it.

One thing we cherish is the ability to connect with other business owners.

To share their challenges, be inspired by their wins and provide services that assist in them achieving success.

Humanise is about re-connecting the Human element in business.

Even with technology "business is still about shaking hands and saying hello".

We have a dream where 10,000 members, across 100 groups, are enjoying lunch together each month, all over Australia. 

We like to say: 

"Humanise is NOT a group of Business People, it is a group of People with Businesses"

The Humanise atmosphere allows each person to take a rewarding break, build relationships and conduct business.

In addition to this we believe it is important to build connected, sustainable and progressive local communities...Our Next Generation program aims to connect, inspire and equip our next generation, to fulfill their dreams and become the best them they can be...

Just like relationships, we will build Humanise one member at a time and with your support, together we will be able to achieve this goal.

We ask you to consider joining us for lunch as a guest, should you then feel that Humanise is for you, we welcome you to join. 

We look forward to meeting you face to face and enjoying lunch together.

To your continued success,

Your Humanise Team